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[01 Jan 2007|12:53pm]

Hey everyone!!

I was wondering if anyone had Notteru Ondo, performed by the Drifters that they would be willing to share?

Thanks in advance!
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[04 Mar 2006|08:36pm]

I read Bob Dylan's Chronicles last week and of the hundreds of passages that stuck out, this one seemed especially relevent ;)

(He's refering to his Oh Mercy album here):

"I wasn't sure that we had recorded any historial tunes like what he (his producer) had wanted, but I was thinking that we might have gotten close with these last two. "Man in the Long Black Coat" was the real facts. In some kind of weird way, I thought of it as my "I Walk the Line", a song I'd always considered to be there at the top, one of the most mysterious and revolutionary of all time, a song that makes an attack on your most vulnerable spots, sharp words from a master.

I'd always thought that Sun Records and Sam Phillips himself had created the most crucial, uplifting and powerful records ever made. Next to Sam's records, all the rest sounded fruity. On Sun Records, the artists were singing for their lives and sounded like they were coming from the most mysterious place on the planet. No justice for them. They were so strong, can send you up a wall. If you were walking away and looked back at them, you could be turned into stone. Johnny Cash's records were no exception, but they weren't what you expected. Johnny didn't have a piercing yell, but ten thousand years of culture fell from him. He could have been a cave dweller. He sounds like he's at the edge of the fire, or in the deep snow, or in a ghostly forest, the coolness of conscious obvious strength, full tilt and vibrant with danger. "I keep a close watch on this heart of mine". Indeed. I must have recited those lines to myself a million times. Johnny's voice was so big, it made the world grow small, unusually low pitched-dark and booming, and he had the right hand to match him, the rippling rhythm and cadence of click-clak. Words that were the rule of law and backed by the power of God. When I first heard "I Walk the Line" so many years earlier, it sounded like a voice calling out, "What are you doing there, boy?". I was trying to keep my eyes wide open too."
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[16 Jan 2006|10:35am]

Hi Cats and Kittens!

ROCKABILLY_CDS community on LiveJournal is open NOW.
It's the great place where you can find the information on new releases of rockabilly and psychobilly CDs and DVDs. You can also add your own reviews, express your opinions and share your views on albums that you like (or dislike).

Click on the banner to join now!

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[03 Nov 2005|01:02pm]

does anyone know about any places that sell lots of rare rockabilly either on cd or record? the only place i know about is amoeba in hollywod, and they don't even have what i'm looking for sometimes.
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[20 Oct 2005|09:27am]

All the Pix from our trip to Cali, online now under www.bobbycar-board.de !!

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[11 Oct 2005|11:27am]

Hola! Does anyone have any Charlie Feathers albums they would be willing to share?
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Dickey Lee [21 Sep 2005|04:31pm]

Everyone knows about the most famous Sun recording artists, like Elvis, Jerry Lee, and Johnny C, but one of my favorite lesser-known Sun artists is Dickey Lee. Since today is his birthday, I thought I'd write a little about him here. Most people remember him for his '60s pop hits, but Dickey Lee recorded two great singles for Sun in 1957 and 1958. He's also a talented songwriter, and wrote "She Thinks I Still Care," which was a big hit for George Jones. After Dickey's '6os pop successes, he went back to country music and wrote many other hit songs in Nashville.

I've uploaded one of his Sun sides, "Fool Fool Fool" here, in case anyone's interested. Enjoy!

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Gatemouth Brown dies of broken heart [11 Sep 2005|10:21am]

sad news:Louisiana Bluesman clarence "gatemouth brown" died today. anyone that's seen him remembers his no-nonsense attitude and wide bredth of styles. check him out in the recent DVD release of the texas t.v. show !!!!TheBeat!!! . if you've got the Freddy King video from TheBeat, Gatemouth is the bandleader with the white guitar...
his house is slidell was destroyed by Katrina, and they said he died of a broken heart.....
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[30 Aug 2005|10:52pm]

buddy holly, anyone ?
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[03 Aug 2005|02:41am]

Just curious? Has anyone heard Brian Setzer's new album, Rockabilly Riot Volume 1: A Tribute To Sun Records?
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Hello all [24 Jul 2005|02:42pm]

I have a site with photos from the 50th Anniversary Concert / Global Moment in Time at

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I miss DJ'ing at country night! [17 Jun 2005|02:25am]

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So what's the verdict on Jon Spencer? [07 May 2005|06:10pm]


Jon Spencer. Perhaps not the first name that people associate with Rockabilly but perhaps he should be. I started thinking of this based on a new album of his new band that's just been released called Heavy Trash. Unlike JSBX, it's not full-on noise terrorism and American-roots-music-deconstruction but closer to trad Sun-style Rockabilly with some early-70s Stones licks and a touch of desert surf. It's a record that I'd imagine people in this community digging. The thing that I always really liked about Spencer's take on Rockabilly, both in the Blues Explosion as well as in Heavy Trash, is that he plays those ancient licks with such a heaping of bad attitude, sleaze, noise and violence that his music recalls the spirit of the early days of Rock 'n' Roll and the danger that that music had once upon a time.

And that's no mean feat for a musical form that's been around 50 odd years. Most art forms have an initial period of intense creativity followed by the appearance of some industrialist who figures out how to package it up neatly and sell it to a mass audience, albeit in a thoroughly watered-down form. Rockabilly is no exception and this is what I loathe about the work of people like Setzer and Horton Heat, neither of whom I consider rockabilly at all. Setzer, for example, is simply a guy who had a great haircut back in '81 and that's the most that I can say about him. His whole schtick is contrived and plastic and totally lacking in any originality whatsoever. As for Horton Heat, he's really just showbiz, cabaret. He is to rockabilly what the Hives are to Garage Rock, ie he has the external trappings without any of the inner spirit. See, these guys seem to have forgotten that rockabilly was dirty, dangerous music. Spencer, on the other hand, doesn't feel that he needs to sport a DA or wear upturned 1955 Levi Vintage Clothing 501s to assert his credentials. He's a man who, despite his rarefied upbringing, understands and embodies the true spirit of Rock 'n' Roll, whether he's turning his hand to Blues, Funk or Rockabilly.

Since I don't expect anyone to take my word for it, I've provided some mp3s from the new Heavy Trash (terrible name, btw!) album below which you can download provided you do it within the next seven days. Dig it, folks!

Dark Haired Rider
Justine Alright
Under The Waves
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Dave Dudley [06 May 2005|05:50pm]

My most beautiful SUN record:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Death Of A Legend [03 May 2005|12:14am]

This is to let everyone who doesn't know already that Hasil Adkins, the full-on Rockabilly wild man, died on April 26th this year. And ironically it was the very day that I bought my Gretsch.

Adkins lived in the same 3-room shack his whole life and his raw, Appalachian style seemed to be as influenced by his social isolation as by his insanity. The dude was so divorced from reality that when he first started out, he thought all the Country musicians whose records he listened to played all their instruments - hence he became a one-man band. Adkins remained pretty much unknown throughout his prime until The Cramps covered one of his songs and, like many of the trash rockers whom they resuscitated, he became something of a minor cult legend. Of course they couldn't capture his unhinged quality, a quality that can only be attained if you're true nutjob living in the Appalachians. Which he undoubtedly was.

Hasil Adkins - a true American primitive and maybe the last of his kind. RIP.

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Johnny Cash [21 Mar 2005|04:35am]

Does anyone know the release date for the movie? Or has it been out and I missed it?
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New Hasil Adkins 45 for sale!! [15 Mar 2005|05:23pm]

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that there is a new single for sale on ebay with Hasil Adkins on one side and yours truly on the other. Click here to bid: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=306&item=4710362822&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW

Thank you!! Keep on a rockin'
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[24 Feb 2005|01:25pm]

Black Cat Entertainment is proud to announce a sneak peek into this year's Hollywood Rockabilly Showdown, slated for Labor Day Weekend (September 2, 3, 4) 2005.

Yes, you read correctly-- THREE DAYS of Rockabilly, Psychobilly ,Wild Rock n Roll and Greasy R&B!!

The event will be held (once again) at the famous Knitting Factory in Hollywood, California.

The following are just a fraction of the acts to look forward to:

Get out the Depends, 'cause this is a good one...Collapse )
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Question [30 Jan 2005|07:00pm]

I am new here.My name is Eleanor Rose(or Ellie for short) and I am from Omaha Nebraska.I love Rockabilly,Delta Blues,Honky Tonk and 60s garage rock and I am very glad to see there is a community for sun records.
Anyways my question is where can I get The Champs on vinyl?Our record stores in Omaha aren't too good.I have a cd of them but I am moving in with my boyfriend in about two months and he only has a record player.If any of you guys know where I might be able to buy one or if you one of you has one please let me know.Thanks!
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[21 Jan 2005|04:37pm]

Brian Setzer is recording a double disc tribute record to Sun Records this summer. You should join his lj community brian_setzer.</span>
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